We don’t have a chance

That’s what everyone is saying, anyway. Which is a real shame because I’m not sure anyone told our players and our coaches. Last I saw, they’d already made their way to the scene of the crime.

So I guess we should go ahead and play the game, seeing as how everyone worked so hard to make it happen.

Seems a few of our players spent last evening watching movies, including Paranormal Activity 3, to pass the time. It’s a good thing, too. Because now they should come out to play today with no fear in their hearts.

Instead, their hearts should be filled with joy for the prospect of taking part in a momentous occasion. And they should be filled with pride for the chance at bringing further glory to Bulldog Nation. And their hearts should be filled with dogged determination, for this is what it’s taken to get the Georgia Bulldogs back to the Dome and the SEC Championship game.

Get after their asses.


8 Responses to “We don’t have a chance”

  1. Well said, Mr. Muddy…You have pumped us up…
    If “the real ‘Dawgs” show up, this should be one for the books…

    • This week has been a real joy for me. Sure, I’ve been nervous about our boys lining up against the best team in the country. But pride in Georgia football has far outweighed any nervousness that I’ve felt.

      I’ve had a lot of friends ask me if I felt we even had shot at keeping this game competitive. I was a little surprised by these questions. I mean, what kind of fan doesn’t hold the belief that their team always has a chance? Then I realized who I was talking to: fans of Ole Miss and Tennessee. There is no hope for the hopeless.

      Go Dawgs!

  2. To the gentlemen that wear the Red & Black. No one is giving you a chance this coming Saturday. NO ONE. Those that have written you off and cast you aside, those that don’t believe in you..I say to HELL WITH ALL OF THEM! You are the men that represent The University of Georgia. You are the men who are not afraid to play the game and above all you will line up against the scum from Louisiana …and you will bring the wrath of God down upon them and bend them like a blacksmith bends iron. Those of us that have grown up in the red clay hills of Georgia are behind you and will be there to roll back those vagrants from Louisiana State and the chapel bell will ring loud and you will be victorious!! So let the people say HAIL TO GEORGIA DOWN IN DIXIE and LET THE BIG DOG EAT.

  3. Take ’em to the shed guys.

  4. I would like our chances more if we had a winner for a hed coach

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