Chin up, boys

Other than the ability for near-instantaneous, worldwide communication, you know what I love about Twitter? The fact that everyone has a voice that can be heard ’round the world. And you know what I hate about Twitter? The fact that everyone has a voice that can be heard ’round the world.

Look, I know the game last night was frustrating. It hurt like a sucking chest wound to lose like we did. Just typing the previous two sentences brought back a wave of anguish that  makes me want to smash things. But you know what it doesn’t make me want to do? Berate and insult 18-22 year old student athletes who represent and play for the university and team that I love.

You think you guys feel bad about that loss? How do you think our guys feel? They are the ones who have sacrificed and bled all year long and, now, when they are at their lowest, some of you chose to add insult to injury. I hope it made you guys feel a whole lot better to say the things you said because, I assure you, you’re the only ones who do feel better. Actually, you know what? I don’t really give a fuck how you guys feel.

Go Dawgs!


4 Responses to “Chin up, boys”

  1. Again…Well said…

    A very high percentage of ‘Dawg “fans” I see here in rural Georgia have never even BEEN in Athens GA, much LESS have gone to SCHOOL there..In fact, I see folks wearing UGA caps and T-shirts, who can’t SPELL UGA, unless they’re LOOKING at the UGA cap or T-shirt….

    My daddy used to have a saying that applies, here…He’d say, about the critical tweeters, “Consider the source…”


  2. EVerything you said & a whole lot more. Now on to recruiting, a bowl game, & spring practice. This Dawg still bleeds Red & Black & Is very satisfied with the direction the ptogram is headed.

  3. You may disagree with me, but I still feel the conservative calls of BOBO in the last two possessions in the first half, and the first two possessions of the 2nd half deflated and demoralized our players. BOBO basically sets them up to fail in big games. Calling run plays where they have been consistently been stopped just does not make sense.

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