Keith Marshall: Dawg

How important was Keith Marshall’s commitment to the Dawgs?

I have half a mind to join him. This is great news, indeed. The thing I like most about Keith is that, by all accounts, he’s not just a great athlete but also a great student. He just seems like a Mark Richt sort of guy, know what I mean? Also, I kinda dig his initials because they remind me of someone.

Welcome, Keith Marshall, to Dawg Nation! Glad to have you on board.

So that’s one down today and one more to go later this evening. Blake Jackson, a 6’4″ 235 lb. tight end out of Scottsdale Community College, will make his decision tonight among a host of suitors including Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arkansas and Georgia. I hope Blake noticed that Orson Charles was named an All-American yesterday. Check out his highlights:

How ’bout them Dawgs!

Update: Coach Richt is a man of his word.

Update 2: Yes, please.

That’s Todd Gurley that Marshall is referring to, by the way.


2 Responses to “Keith Marshall: Dawg”

  1. Dear Lord, please let georgia get Blake Jackson. That is EXACTLY what Murray needs. Perhaps Jackson also noticed that the BCS Championship is being played by two SEC teams…(cough cough…Big 12) And as for Arkansas, well it’s Arkansas.

    • I know, right? Blake Jackson is a beast. He’s a native of Georgia so hopefully the allure of playing at home will be too great to pass up. That said, I would not be shocked if he went with Ok. State. He admittedly had a great visit during Bedlam and the Pokes sure did put on a show.

      Still, we’re Tight End U and Jackson just said something to the effect of the vertical passing game opening up with Crowell and Marshall toting that rock.

      Go Dawgs!

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