It’s official

As mentioned earlier this week but now in an official capacity, Dawgs have two players on the All-SEC Freshman team: Isaiah Crowell and Malcolm Mitchell. Well done, Dawgs! Imagine if both of these guys had been able to stay on the field for the full season. Hopefully they will both follow the example of the defense’s progress from year 1 to year 2. While I’m excited about our bowl game, I can’t wait to see next season’s version of them Dawgs.

Updated: Drew Butler awarded

That’s some pretty good company, there. Congratulations, Drew.


6 Responses to “It’s official”

  1. I am somewhat bewildered why some Dawg fans are criticizing Crowell. If he gets injured, is that not part of playing??? And if he is injured, why should he try to play through with a high chance of not being successful or getting more injured? Did those Dawg fans really expected a real superman? That is really being DELUSIONAL. I feel sorry for those fans. I sometimes think they are just fans of other teams pretending to be for the Dawgs.

    • I can understand why so many might feel as they do because coming into the season, the expectations placed on Isaiah were so high. People hate to be “disappointed” even if they set themselves up for it.

      But I think most Dawgs fans will continue to pull for Isaiah Crowell because, well, despite the missteps here and there, he’s still given us quite a lot to cheer about.

  2. Ericdawg. I agree. Crowell also made one of the Freshman All-America teams. I expect him to be the starter for the first game in 2012. Before his injury he had a chance to be the first 1000 yard rusher as a true freshman since # 34. We still need multiple RBs ala what LSU had. Seems like we will have them. 2012:Go Dawgs.

  3. Don’t get too excited. Word is that he hasn’t made grades. Wait and see if he comes back for next season.

    • Haven’t seen anything but speculation. May have inadvertently started some after LSU game concerning attitude. My speculation was that attitude could also affect grades. Asked if anyone knew. Shame on me for asking in this critical environment where anything that moves gets unnecessary criticism. Dumb and naive.

  4. He had his share of issues this season but for a true freshman to 5th in the SEC in rushing is pretty darn good, especially behind the line we had. Now if he has some of the same conditioning issues and off field issues next year it will be a different story. I would love for him, Marshall and Malcome to all step up so much in the spring that Samuel can cross train as a FB (I think he has a chance in the pros as a fb). He would still be available when needed as a tailback but could provide depth at FB and be a threat to run/catch the ball from the FB position. Around 15 carries a game for Crowell, and 10-12 each for Malcome and Marshall would keep all fresh throughout the season.

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