The NFL hates Shaun Chapas

Seriously, man:

Rookie fullback Shaun Chapas made a little bit more than $22,000 in his first game on the active roster last week at Arizona.

The NFL wants $20,000 of it.

I watched that Cowboys vs. Cardinals game but I don’t remember Chapas’ hit nor do I remember the announcers mentioning anything about it at the time. Now, I’m all for player safety. But I wonder how much things like this could affect play, particular of those who are new to the League and are trying to compete at the highest level and show their coaches something.

Good luck on the appeal, Shaun Chapas.


2 Responses to “The NFL hates Shaun Chapas”

  1. Is there video of this anywhere?

    • I’ve looked all over and haven’t been able to find it. Short of somebody uploading a highlight of the punt return during the second quarter of the game, when Chapas’ hit was made, I doubt we’ll see it unless more is made of this. Perhaps when the appeal takes place.

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