There’s someone conspicuously missing

Here’s a write up in the Red and Black listing awards winners at the annual team Gala on Saturday night:

Newcomer of the Year Award winners were redshirt freshman receiver Michael Bennett of Alpharetta, freshman receiver Chris Conley of Dallas, Ga., and freshman receiver Malcolm Mitchell of Valdosta (offense); freshman linebacker Amarlo Herrera of College Park and junior nose guard John Jenkins of Meriden, Conn. (defense); and freshman defensive back Quintavius Harrow of Columbus (special teams).

I haven’t talked much about Isaiah Crowell but that isn’t because I haven’t been thinking of him. I will state that he has my full support and well-wishes. Yes, we’ve got Keith Marshall and perhaps others coming in. But it is my belief that we are a better team with Isaiah Crowell. And with the support structure he has in place, I think Isaiah has every chance of being a better man. Just look at his teammates around him. They’re evidence of this.


4 Responses to “There’s someone conspicuously missing”

  1. I agree with you 100%. I hope Isaiah does well. He is an 18 year old kid who had a lot of expectations on him. Herschel even talked about how hard it was. I hope Keith will help him by lessening the load so both will shine. I hope Boo also plays well and Samuels.

    • Yeah, they’re our boys and I love ’em all, whether they’re playing well or not. I want them to be successful not only because that probably means the Dawgs are doing well, but also because I want to see them succeed in life, for themselves as well as for their families. After all, their parents sent them to UGA and Coach Richt for exactly that reason, to learn and grow into men we can all be proud of.

      Go Dawgs!

  2. Have definitely not given up hope yet. The guy has the talent and skill level to develop into a great RB. Give him this offseason to get some guidance and conditioning. Football is a totally different game now compared to the 80s (Linebackers today now being the size of d lineman back then for example) and there will never be another Herschel. Let Isaiah become a player in his own right.

  3. Difficult to say what actually is going on with IC. I guess it is only Richt and those really close to the program will know. I just hope there has been no fatal blow to his relationship with the program. But a program will just have to be more important than any part of it, as we have seen with the experience at Ohio and PSU.

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