It ain’t lying if recruiting is involved

Said Charlie Weis last week:

“I will not ask for any of Will’s coaches. I would not do that to Will,” Weis said. “I’m not touching his coaches. That’s not the way friends do business.”

But, hey, bidness is bidness (subscription required):

When Florida’s director of administration and recruiting Mark Pantoni left to join new Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer in Columbus, Florida replaced Pantoni with program coordinator Brendan Donovan.

A source close to the Florida program confirmed on Wednesday that Donovan has turned down an offer to join Charlie Weis’ staff at Kansas, electing to stay at Florida.

The source said Donovan, who worked under Weis at Notre Dame, chose to stay because Florida head coach Will Muschamp and Weis were good friends, and Donovan didn’t feel like he was betraying Weis by remaining in Gainesville.

So Donovan’s former boss is friends with his current boss and therefore he won’t be betraying his former boss by turning down his job offer. Even though his former boss claimed he wouldn’t do that to Donovan’s current boss. On account of them being such good friends. My head has exploded.


One Response to “It ain’t lying if recruiting is involved”

  1. I guess BOOM can say he has spread his wings or influence to other programs. LOL

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