The life and times of Todd Gurley

How do you think Todd Gurley’s life is going right now? He’s coming off a MVP performance in his state championship game where he scored 4 touchdowns. Big time college programs all over are after him to commit the next several years of his life to them and he’s got some pretty big decisions to make in the next few weeks.

From a video interview on ESPN with Todd Gurley on the advice Keith Marshall has been giving him:

“I don’t think he would step me in the wrong direction”.

I’m glad Todd Gurley has a good friend in Keith Marshall to help give him advice. Very glad.


One Response to “The life and times of Todd Gurley”

  1. I hope Gurley is listening to Marshall tell him about the LSU tailback by committee system…if you’re a hard-running back you’ll get plenty of action at Georgia…show toughness and fire and Richt, Bobo, and offensive coaches will get you in the game..tired?..then there’s your buddies on the sideline to help you out. It’s up to you…play the Georgia way and you’ll get plenty of reps…come on down, Gurley and show what you’ve got

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