Tora! Tora! Tora!

Man, how many damn Tiger teams does the SEC need to have? I’m telling you, we need to even this thing out. Cats have an unfair advantage over dogs right now and it just ain’t right.

But if what’s stated by Eric Blumberg proves true, I’m glad we’ll be playing at Missouri first. It’ll be like a preemptive strike at their home. We’ll swoop in, infamously burn down their town and then be all like “What? Y’all come on over to our place next year and we’ll show you how we do it when you’re in our backyard.”

Go Dawgs!


3 Responses to “Tora! Tora! Tora!”

  1. There is only one true ‘Dogs in the SEC, and we’re it. We need no more ‘Dogs.

    The fact is, cats are a dime a (third) dozen in the SEC and elsewhere.

  2. I may be wrong, but, I believe that the Dawgs played Arkansas in the Hogs first SEC game and we put a real whoopin’ on them to welcome them into the conference. Here’s to us doing the same thing to Mizzou this coming season.

  3. […] Reports last week indicate that we’ll be traveling to Columbia, Missouri in 2012, so we’re going to have to switch out one of our currently scheduled SEC games. It's going to be Bama or Ole Miss leaving the '12 schedule, but which one we don't know. And UGA's four non-conf games remain the same.— Seth Emerson (@SethEmerson) December 22, 2011 […]

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