Every game counts

So after watching last night’s thrilling FCS semifinal playoff game between Montana and Sam Houston State, it occurred to me just how lucky we in the FBS are not have to witness any such thing occurring in our league. After all, who would want to watch a playoff game between, say, Stanford and Oklahoma State. Or Oregon and Boise State. I’d sure hate to have to watch anything like that.

Yeah, I much prefer a system where, depending on what year it is and what the talking heads are saying at the moment, a team can play for the BCS Championship with or without having to play in its own conference championship.

You still mad, bro?

Still, this last month of bowl games is all that remains between us and roughly 234 days of wandering the wilderness. Enjoy, folks. It’s all we have left.


One Response to “Every game counts”

  1. Herbie is to OHIO, as Spurrier is to FU. It has been a super fun 2011 season in College Football with both schools in the dumps. It should have been a nice feeling to have a slow bleeding heart.

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