Kwame returns

Man, am I glad to read that. I feared the Vandy incident might make him consider jumping to the League.

You know, especially around this time of the year, we pay a lot of attention to four or five-star recruits and where they’ll go. But I think it’s just as important when we have guys decide to stay with the team. Because these are all five-star guys.


4 Responses to “Kwame returns”

  1. That could be huge for us next year. Kwame and Jenkins form quite a 1-2 punch. We will have a grizzly bear over the nose at all times. If everyone else returns I think we could well end up back in the SEC Championship game. Next time I expect will end much better!

    GO DAWGS!!!!!

  2. As far as players leaving early we need both Jenkins and Geathers back. After that Rambo is the next most important. I think Charles is the better player but the drop off at safety concerns me if Rambo leaves while I think we would be ok at TE. I know it is unlikely that we don’t lose anyone early but man I hope we don’t. This fall has the team and schedule to really compete for an undefeated season. The only question mark would be the OL and with an easier start to the season they would have time to develop.

  3. Absolutely. We have the chance of a very special season next year and I’d love for all the guys to be a part of it.

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