Richt to Pyongyang?

Early reports out of North Korea indicate that the Land of Darkness will be looking for a new Fearless Leader. One of the original founding members of the Axis of Evil Conference, North Korea will seek to replace a leader who served an interminably long tenure at the helm.

Citing a North Korean desire for immediate stability, sources out of College Station report that Coach Mark Richt is rumored to have interviewed for the position. While as yet unconfirmed, “insiders” have stated that the current University of Georgia head coach was seen touring downtown Pyongyang.

When asked for a statement regarding Coach Richt’s interest in replacing Kim Jong-il as North Korea’s new Fearless Leader, UGA Athletics Director Greg McGarity cryptically replied “Say what, now?”

Other possible candidates for the open position include “Hot Lips” Houlihan, that guy who stood in front of that tank in Tianamen Square and Jon Gruden. Stay tuned, folks. This could get interesting.


8 Responses to “Richt to Pyongyang?”

  1. Unfortunately, the NKU felt they do not like any balance offense. They just like BOMBS, BOMBS away. They already named a “Great Successor”.

  2. I would have hoped that he been invited to Pyongyang to spread Christianity.

  3. They just offereded Saban 10 million a year and executive control of the draft. South Korea has gone on full alert…

  4. no more panic, no more panic attacks, no more anxiety attacks…

    […]Richt to Pyongyang? « Year of the Dawg[…]…

  5. alienware…

    […]Richt to Pyongyang? « Year of the Dawg[…]…

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