Comings and goings

I liked this write up by Seth Emerson regarding Bacarri Rambo’s future, whether with the Dawgs or in the League:

Rambo said he received a third-round grade from the NFL board, which advises underclassmen before they make their decision on whether to leave or stay. The grade clearly disappointed Rambo, who was named a first-team All-American by the AP.

Rambo mentions how this will motivate him to work even harder to attain a higher draft grade. But he doesn’t mention if this work will be in the Red and Black or in various training sessions preparing for the combine or individual team workouts. What a decision he’s facing and I’m both excited and terrified for him. But in the end, I wish Bacarri the best of luck with whatever he decides.

Orson Charles, on the other hand, really means it when he says he’s put this decision out of his mind until after the bowl game:

“I think the reason I haven’t heard from them is I told them, ‘Call me after the bowl’. I’m really focused on this bowl right now. Then I’ll talk to my family as far as what we should do and then after that.”

And then there’s this:

If Jarvis says it, then I believe it. Because no one would actually lie to Jarvis Jones, would they? I mean, to his face?

One Response to “Comings and goings”

  1. I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting to get paid, but it would be pretty sh!tty for JJ6 to stay for only 1 year.

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