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The future is bright

Posted in Seniors with tags , on Monday December 26th, 2011 \pm\31 3:54 pm by Big Muddy Dawg

I was taking a look at ESPN’s All-SEC Senior team and noticed something.


QB: Jarrett Lee, LSU
RB: Chris Rainey, Florida
RB: Vick Ballard, Mississippi State
WR: Jarius Wright, Arkansas
WR: Joe Adams, Arkansas
TE: Aron White, Georgia
OL: Cordy Glenn, Georgia
OL: Will Blackwell, LSU
OL: Rokevious Watkins, South Carolina
OL: Kyle Fischer, Vanderbilt
C: William Vlachos, Alabama


DL: Melvin Ingram, South Carolina
DL: Josh Chapman, Alabama
DL: Jake Bequette, Arkansas
LB: Chris Marve, Vanderbilt
LB: Danny Trevathan, Kentucky
LB: Courtney Upshaw, Alabama
LB: Jerry Franklin, Arkansas
CB: DeQuan Menzie, Alabama
CB: Casey Hayward, Vanderbilt
S: Antonio Allen, South Carolina
S: Mark Barron, Alabama


PK: Blair Walsh, Georgia
P: Ryan Tydlacka, Kentucky
RS: Marquis Maze, Alabama

First off, congratulations to Aron White, Cordy Glenn and Blair Walsh. Secondly, man, we’ve got a young team, especially on defense. That makes me very happy.


Kwame returns

Posted in DGD, Seniors with tags , on Sunday December 18th, 2011 \pm\31 3:45 pm by Big Muddy Dawg

Man, am I glad to read that. I feared the Vandy incident might make him consider jumping to the League.

You know, especially around this time of the year, we pay a lot of attention to four or five-star recruits and where they’ll go. But I think it’s just as important when we have guys decide to stay with the team. Because these are all five-star guys.

There’s someone conspicuously missing

Posted in Allaying my own fears, Glory, Hearts & Minds, Lessons Learned, Seniors on Monday December 12th, 2011 \pm\31 2:51 pm by Big Muddy Dawg

Here’s a write up in the Red and Black listing awards winners at the annual team Gala on Saturday night:

Newcomer of the Year Award winners were redshirt freshman receiver Michael Bennett of Alpharetta, freshman receiver Chris Conley of Dallas, Ga., and freshman receiver Malcolm Mitchell of Valdosta (offense); freshman linebacker Amarlo Herrera of College Park and junior nose guard John Jenkins of Meriden, Conn. (defense); and freshman defensive back Quintavius Harrow of Columbus (special teams).

I haven’t talked much about Isaiah Crowell but that isn’t because I haven’t been thinking of him. I will state that he has my full support and well-wishes. Yes, we’ve got Keith Marshall and perhaps others coming in. But it is my belief that we are a better team with Isaiah Crowell. And with the support structure he has in place, I think Isaiah has every chance of being a better man. Just look at his teammates around him. They’re evidence of this.

What a way to go out

Posted in DGD, Got something in my eye, Memories, Seniors, Videos with tags , on Thursday November 17th, 2011 \am\30 9:29 am by Big Muddy Dawg

Do you guys know that our game this weekend against Kentucky will be the first time we’ve faced a Wildcats team that did not feature Randall Cobb since, like, the Reconstruction era? I swear, Cobb was one of those players that just seemed to be at a program forever.

Thinking about this last night caused me to wonder if this strange phenomenon also occurred with the Dawgs. I came to the eventual realization that there are several players on our team whom I wished could stay forever. Players like Aron White and Ben Jones.

Hell, I remember the first time I ever even heard of Ben Jones and it was through this video:

And I thought, man, I hope we get that kid. Thinking back, I’m surprised he wasn’t lining up barefoot. Coach Richt said it best:

“There’s a picture in the training room of this gigantic pig and this little bitty boy laying on the belly of the pig and then there’s a little arrow that says ‘Ben Jones.’ So I figured the teammates were just spoofing him because he’s a country boy and all that stuff so I thought that was pretty funny. Then come to find out that was Ben Jones laying on that big pig when he was a kid. So he’s country. He’s a country boy.”

My first recollection of Aron White was catching a touchdown pass thrown by Matthew Stafford in the 2009 Capital One Bowl against Michigan State. Since then, he’s endeared himself to Bulldog Nation with his tenacity on the field:

As well as his proper attitude and sense of humor:

And I’m really going to miss Aron’s #camplife Tweets next year.

Saturday at Sanford will be the last time a lot of our players line it up Between the Hedges. But they line up knowing that they have a great task and a wondrous opportunity ahead of them. What a way to go out.

Go Dawgs!

You’re still here?

Posted in Memories, Pre-game jitters, Seniors with tags , on Thursday October 13th, 2011 \pm\31 5:02 pm by Big Muddy Dawg

I was reading Seth Emerson’s Q&A with Jeff Lockridge of the Tennessean and noticed this bit in the Vanderbilt beat writer’s answer regarding the Commodores’ run defense:

“Senior middle linebacker Chris Marve is about as solid as they come, and his mobility has improved after a knee injury hampered him in 2010.”

Man, Chris Marve is still there? It just seems like he’s been in college forever. I swear, every year that I’ve read any pregame stuff about a match up between the Dawgs and Commodores, Marve’s name is mentioned. He’s like a modern day Reggie Slack. I remember during my high school years wishing that guy would just hurry up and graduate from Auburn already. Or go Pro. Anything. Just stop beating us, damn it.

On the flip side, this year will be the first time in, like, 87 years where we won’t have to read about Randall Cobb when we get ready to play the Kentucky Wildcats. So there’s that.

Aron White injured

Posted in Allaying My Own Fears, Safety First!, Seniors with tags , on Wednesday September 14th, 2011 \pm\30 6:06 pm by Big Muddy Dawg

Getting conflicting reports as to the nature of Aron White’s injury but all agree that he is questionable for Saturday’s game against the Chanticleers:

Hate that Aron is injured and might miss a game. But thankful that if we had to sustain another injury, that it be at the tight end position, where we’re more loaded than Gene Chizik’s dice. OK, that sounded better in my head, before I typed it out loud.

Jones and Glenn grade well

Posted in Allaying My Own Fears, Seniors, Smash!, The League with tags , on Thursday August 25th, 2011 \pm\31 12:05 pm by Big Muddy Dawg

Center Ben Jones and tackle Cordy Glenn are highly-rated NFL prospects by ESPN Scouts Inc. staff:

The Scouts Inc. guys have Ben Jones as the top-rated center in the 2012 draft and Cordy Glenn as the top-rated guard in the 2012 draft. Glenn will play left tackle for the Bulldogs this season.

Time to get it done, guys. We believe in you and now so do the suits.

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