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Comings and goings

Posted in Allaying my own fears, The League with tags , on Thursday December 29th, 2011 \pm\31 2:17 pm by Big Muddy Dawg

I liked this write up by Seth Emerson regarding Bacarri Rambo’s future, whether with the Dawgs or in the League:

Rambo said he received a third-round grade from the NFL board, which advises underclassmen before they make their decision on whether to leave or stay. The grade clearly disappointed Rambo, who was named a first-team All-American by the AP.

Rambo mentions how this will motivate him to work even harder to attain a higher draft grade. But he doesn’t mention if this work will be in the Red and Black or in various training sessions preparing for the combine or individual team workouts. What a decision he’s facing and I’m both excited and terrified for him. But in the end, I wish Bacarri the best of luck with whatever he decides.

Orson Charles, on the other hand, really means it when he says he’s put this decision out of his mind until after the bowl game:

“I think the reason I haven’t heard from them is I told them, ‘Call me after the bowl’. I’m really focused on this bowl right now. Then I’ll talk to my family as far as what we should do and then after that.”

And then there’s this:

If Jarvis says it, then I believe it. Because no one would actually lie to Jarvis Jones, would they? I mean, to his face?


If I go there will be trouble

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Have I ever mentioned what a big fan of Jarvis Jones I am? I’m sure it’s come up. But I was reminded of that fact when I read this:

Jarvis Jones, the All-American outside linebacker, reiterated that he isn’t leaving. In fact he was one of the few draft-eligible players who didn’t submit his name to the NFL.

“No reason to,” Jones said. “The NFL, I think everything will work for itself. I’m not really concerned on that. We’re still playing. We’re still in-season. I’ve already said I’m coming back.”

You can’t tell me Jarvis Jones isn’t all Dawg.


Cheering on the “G”

Posted in Catharsis, Other People's Business, The League with tags , on Monday December 12th, 2011 \am\31 11:09 am by Big Muddy Dawg

So my buddy Joe, who’s the LSU fan at work, is also a lifelong Oakland Raiders fan. I don’t know how many of you follow the NFL but yesterday, the Green Bay Packers faced off against the Oakland Raiders. Nobody was giving the Raiders a chance because, first off, the Packers are the best team in the League right now. Also, the Raiders were missing some key players due to injury, including Darren McFadden.

The more I thought about this game, the more the situation reminded me of our SEC Championship game against LSU. And so, to my shame, I found great joy in watching the Packers absolutely demolish Joe’s hapless Raiders, 46-16. But, hey, it’s like Justin Scott-Wesley said:

The NFL hates Shaun Chapas

Posted in DGD, The League with tags , on Friday December 9th, 2011 \am\31 9:04 am by Big Muddy Dawg

Seriously, man:

Rookie fullback Shaun Chapas made a little bit more than $22,000 in his first game on the active roster last week at Arizona.

The NFL wants $20,000 of it.

I watched that Cowboys vs. Cardinals game but I don’t remember Chapas’ hit nor do I remember the announcers mentioning anything about it at the time. Now, I’m all for player safety. But I wonder how much things like this could affect play, particular of those who are new to the League and are trying to compete at the highest level and show their coaches something.

Good luck on the appeal, Shaun Chapas.

Defense, offense and Skittles

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Some pre-war links to occupy your time today:

The Big Question against LSU — in fact, the Big Question underlying Georgia’s presence in this game, period — is, were any of those offenses any good? The two best teams on the schedule, Boise State and South Carolina, combined for 70 points; in the meantime, the only other offense the Bulldogs have seen that ranks among the top 60 in scoring is Georgia Tech, which scored 17 last week. At 8-4, the Yellow Jackets finished alongside Auburn (7-5) as the only winners in the entire streak.

“We take pride in protecting Murray, because we never want our best friend to get hit at all,” Jones said. “We treat him just like our little brother — you don’t want nobody bullying on your brother. That’s how we’ve taken it all year — he’s our best friend, he’s our little brother and we try to protect him with our life.”

The SEC will not have a representative in the Sugar Bowl as both LSU and Alabama will land in the BCS title game.

So the only way the SEC could have a representative in the Sugar Bowl is if the Dawgs win on Saturday, right? I don’t know about you guys but, like Marshawn Lynch, I kind of have a sweet tooth. I hope our boys develop a taste for Skittles.

What’s that? They have?

Oh, it’s on now!

Knock out, indeed

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Y’all check out this video from ESPN’s Dawg Nation. Radi Nabulsi and David Ching discuss the play of our linebacker corps and come to the unsurprising conclusion that we’ve got us some good ‘uns.

I have to say, Kirk Olivadotti‘s hire is looking better and better as the season progresses. Tree, Robinson and Washington all out? No problem. I guess it’s true what our former NFL coaches have been saying. They’re used to playing undermanned and having to shift and shuffle players around what with the 53-man roster and all.

Well done, guys.

Lions and Bengals and Akbears, oh my

Posted in The League with tags , on Monday September 26th, 2011 \pm\30 3:11 pm by Big Muddy Dawg

I don’t know what to say here. Maybe I shouldn’t say anything at all. Alright, look. I don’t like playing fantasy football. I really don’t. Because it makes me do things that I normally wouldn’t. But I have several very good friends who take part in it and, last year, I reconnected with a couple of these guys after too many years. So I readily agreed to join their league when it came up. And then I remembered why I dislike fantasy football. I drafted Calvin Johnson to my roster. Calvin Johnson. Megatron, himself. A Techie.

But, damn, he did me good. I got a lot of points off Calvin Johnson last year and when this year’s fantasy draft came up, I had every intention of drafting him again. But I hesitated when my turn in the draft came because of a certain former number 8 who used to play for the Dawgs. You may remember him as AJ Green, the eighth wonder of the world. I passed up on Calvin, thinking I could get AJ in a later round. And that’s exactly what happened.

After a big game last week, I had AJ all lined up to start for me this week. My opponent just happens to be the guy who drafted Calvin Johnson in my stead. As it stands right now, I am losing to him by roughly 8 and half points. But I still have one more player to go, some tight end for the Redskins, who play the Cowboys tonight. I don’t know who this tight end is because I scrambled to get him when it was revealed that the tight end I’d originally drafted, Antonio Gates, was injured and wouldn’t play this weekend.

Down by 8 and half points. I wouldn’t be facing this problem if I’d only gotten a little more production out of one of my wide receivers. AJ Green got me 6.9 points. My opponent got 29.8 points out of Calvin Johnson.

But, hey, at least it was Matthew Stafford throwing him all those points passes. I’ve got Stafford on my roster too, by the way. But I didn’t start him.

I really don’t like fantasy football.*

*In the interest of full disclosure, it really isn’t as dramatic as all that. The reason I didn’t start Stafford is because my other QB is Aaron Rodgers. In the end, Rodgers netted me just a few more points than Stafford would have if I’d started him. Also, the blame can’t solely be put on AJ. One of my running backs, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, of the Patriots, got me almost no points at all. BenJarvus, if you’ll recall, played college ball at Ole Miss, our opponent this past weekend. Damn those Akbears.

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