Killer App

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It really has come to this. A smartphone app to Bypass lines at the concession stand. And supported by the Stegeman Coliseum.

With Bypass Lane, concession lines are a thing of the past. Now you can simply place an order from your seat with your smart phone. After a text tells you it’s ready, you pick it up through a dedicated Bypass Lane or have the food delivered to your seat. No waiting. No lines.

We’ve got a game at home tonight against Furman. Somebody please try this thing out and let us know how it goes.

Man, I’d kill for an app to skip bathroom lines, too.

Buck back

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Regarding the schedule

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Here is the schedule released in the 2011 media guide back in early July:

September 1 Buffalo
September 8 at South Carolina
September 15 Florida Atlantic
September 22 Vanderbilt
September 29 Tennessee
October 6 at Alabama
October 13 at Kentucky
October 20 Open
October 27 at Florida
November 3 Ole Miss
November 10 at Auburn
November 17 Georgia Southern
November 24 Georgia Tech

‘Course, way back then, the SEC only had twelve teams and Sakerlina and Arkansas were still the new guys. But with the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri, things have been all shook up. There were talks of conference realignment along with drawing up new schedules to accommodate the new new guys.

Reports last week indicate that we’ll be traveling to Columbia, Missouri in 2012, so we’re going to have to switch out one of our currently scheduled SEC games.

Eh, I’m good with trading out either ‘Bama or Ole Miss. But it will be a shame to give up that home game to the Rebels in exchange for an away date against Missouri, which is why I think it’ll be ‘Bama that gets cut.

Remember all that talk this season about who have we played? Yeah, we’ll be hearing that again next season if the ‘Bama game is indeed traded out with Missouri. But you know what? I like it when folks think them Dawgs are down. Because destroying them makes it so much more enjoyable.

Gurley North Carolina Player of the Year

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Congratulations to Todd Gurley for earning the award of North Carolina Player of the year.

I didn’t expect all of this. It’s shocking, what its become. I really didn’t think of all this happening, it just came so fast, it has been a great journey so far.”

Hopefully, the journey’s not over and its path leads to Athens, Georgia. Remember to tune in to CBS on January 3rd to watch the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl, where Todd will make his announcement.

Bad news first

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That’s a damn shame. I was really looking forward to having Kent Turene on the team. Best of luck to him with the Thundering Herd.

Very exciting! I’m always so envious of these kids who get the spend the next several years of their lives in Athens. Welcome, Mark Beard, and congratulations. Very glad to have you.

At home with the enemy

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As we all know, the guys are on break right now with most of them already home. That includes Aaron Murray, who is back in Tampa for the holidays.

That’s got to be a wonderful feeling. How ’bout y’all make it so you can hold your head high every time you’re back in Florida?

Also, I hope none of our guys are planning on spending any time in Remerton.

Go Dawgs!


Naughty or nice

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The Grantham is watching.

Oh, the cockiness redux

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No further comment.

More stats to ignore

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Edward Aschoff’s piece on ESPN takes a look at the valuable and not so valuable commodities in the SEC. Among the latter category:

SEC offenses: This truly is a defensive league (five teams rank in the top 10 nationally). SEC offenses didn’t end the regular season well, with five teams — Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, Ole Miss and Kentucky — finishing with offenses that ranked higher than 100th nationally. Only three teams — Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia — ranked in the top 50, and were the only SEC teams to average more than 400 yards of total offense per game.

Questions? Comments? Snide remarks?

Gurley’s Shrine Bowl highlights

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Here you go, courtesy of The Wolfpacker. As you can see, Todd Gurley is a tough, powerful runner who is rarely brought down after first contact. And on Gurley’s 94-yard TD run that got called back, once he reached the edge, no one was able to keep up with him. Todd looks ready to play at the next level and would be an incredible addition to our or anyone’s backfield.

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